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The LTC is at last drawing a period of growth

With the popularity of bitcoin, the global emergence of a large number of “Shanzhai” bitcoin electronic currency. However, among these Shanzhai coins, the most famous is the “LTC”, and the industry even spread “bit gold, Wright silver” argument.
In the future bitcoin slump again, Wright currency also ushered in the spring of their own, the momentum of development even more than its big brother bitcoin (BTC), Chinese officially released its March 4th bitcoin trading platform to usher in a new member of Wright currency.
Bitcoin China’s official website screenshot:
Industry point of view: bitcoin China’s Wright currency on the development of Wright coins is not a little bit of promotion, but essentially change. There is every reason to believe that in the near future there will be more trading platforms to join LTC trading. Exchange BTC China is introducing litecoin transactions, immediately effective, and with a 0% commission. It will become the first widely used communication after the BTC-E transaction is the second most popular digital currency in the world.
Rumors: at present, the market share of the largest trading platform for one of the “fire currency network” is also on the line for Wright coins to prepare. Foreign bitcoin exchange platform Coinbase will soon be added to Wright coins.

Wright’s founder will attend the San Francisco conference organized by dog lovers

Jackson Palmer, a founder of dog coins, organized a conference called Dogecon SF in San Francisco, where the upcoming gathering was strongly supported by the Palmer and the dog foundation.
The time for the meeting is set in April 25th, although the party is very short, but the money is a copycat landmark, starting at 4 pm this event will be provided free of charge to the participants of food, entertainment, group discussion, and everyone has the chance to win the dog coins, more exciting activities you can of course do not need to pay admission, voluntary donations also nobody is going to stop you.
This is a dog fan’s event, invited many guests to attend the lecture, more noteworthy is that Wright currency founder Charlie Lee will also attend the event.
Since its launch, the number of enthusiasts has steadily increased, including reddit CEO Yishan Wong.
Compile: bovine currency network

Central bank executives said bitcoin may exist bubble, regulatory guidelines against money laundering

As the international application of block chain technology successfully, bitcoin appears from the date, then with “evil” on both sides of the controversy. Since January this year, after bitcoin prices shot up again, the business management department of the people’s Bank and the Shanghai headquarters has repeatedly led to the domestic bitcoin trading platform of the joint inspection, pointed out the existing problems in the platform, and ordered to clean up the rectification.
On the morning of March 13th, the first financial correspondent interviewed Zhou Xuedong, director of the National People’s Congress and the director of the people’s Bank of Jiangsu, in the residence of the NPC delegation. Talking about the current regulatory agencies for bitcoin attitude, Zhou Xuedong told reporters, the block chain technology innovation, overall encouragement and support, but the use of block chain technology to engage in a bubble, certainly is not supported. “For a while, bitcoin speculation bubble is really too big.”.” He calls.
In the morning of March 13th, the Jiangsu regiment held a panel of third deliberations
He said that further regulatory measures will be introduced, including regulatory guidelines on anti money laundering. Currently, the guidelines have been consulted on bitcoin trading platform.

Pass China UnionPay want to launch virtual currency, UnionPay currency can be exchanged against the RMB

“I have a Zhang merchant membership card, card integral 896 points, equivalent to 896 yuan, in a business consumption can be used all, now 10 percent off shot”.
“There are points within 20110 points, a total of 201 yuan for the ticket, because of personal job transfer can not be used, the special price of 150 yuan transfer.”
So the transfer of points card information has been common. But because the seemingly attractive points cannot be exchanged for cash, designated merchants consumption and the end of the year zero, become a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs.
Recently, “Chinese enterprise newspaper” reporter learned exclusively, UnionPay China are testing a called “UnionPay money” products, to the integral major mall open membership card, the equivalent currency transactions through UnionPay, even in a certain proportion into cash and cash. As for the specific product form and scope of use, informed sources said it was not convenient to disclose.
Wasted points
Whether it is the traditional offline entity store, or the emerging online electricity supplier mall, consumer back points has been an important way to attract users. To Mid Autumn Festival, the amount of gift points is significantly increased. But many users do not pay much attention to these points.
“It’s no use feeling integral, and I don’t use points as a basis for spending.”.” Beijing is a Hualian Supermarket shopping Wang Yu on the “China Enterprise News” reporter said, every checkout, supermarkets are asking whether or not to do membership card, that is integral, she has not done.
It is reported that the gift points equivalent to the coupons, a certain amount of points can be offset by the corresponding amount of consumption, and sometimes you can exchange some of the goods directly. Under normal circumstances, each business stipulates that according to the amount of consumption multiplied by a fixed percentage of points, holidays and other marketing activities can also be doubled.
Vice president, Comtech core city marketing original Analysys analyst Liu Hongjiao pointed out that the integration of the current system still exists obvious limitations, for example, integral only in a fixed consumer businesses, and must reach a certain amount, less than the amount of words can not be used, due not only void. “To say that one point equals one dollar is only about one dollar. There are too many restrictions.”.”

OneCoin VEKA currency login China, value-added will be more than bitcoin

In 2013 a virtual currency bitcoin is popular in the network, its economic growth value soared, from the initial $0.01 per rose to a $1100, in the perspective of economic review Chinese and the world economic and Trade Center, the Wall Street, the emergence of bitcoin is indeed in the financial market set off waves. After the value of bitcoin unlimited expansion, many virtual currency became active in the financial websites around the world trade, OneCoin VEKA is following the currency bitcoin virtual currency after a pioneer, it has many other incomparable advantages of virtual currency bitcoin, and beyond in 2014 became the most investment value of the virtual currency type.
Since 2012, the global economy is in the doldrums, a devaluation of the dollar and the euro, even the hard currency of gold and silver in the economic situation is not optimistic about the situation as well as the fall in the stock market, funds, futures and other investment also fell into a stalemate, in the world economic situation is not optimistic about the. Some of the financial industry giants began to look into the virtual currency on this link, a successful bitcoin appreciation case before, including China District, virtual currency investors have started to pay attention to this mysterious virtual currency. Then the OneCoin login China VEKA currency area financial market, what will bring rain? We can make nothing of it but the investment of money, network of people, this is a gold coin investment opportunity, VEKA will lead investors to win wealth pioneer, open the door of wealth.
A lot of people have little knowledge of the virtual encrypted currency, then VEKA money what investment advantage? Bitcoin between it and what is the natural link or different? With reporters on the VEKA money market China district director of the interview, the mysterious currency in 2014 throughout the Wall Street bit starts getting real.

What is bitcoin – bringing you into the world of bitcoin?

1. What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin, the English name BitCoin, or BTC, is an electronic currency produced by open-source P2P software, a virtual currency. Bitcoin does not depend on the specific issue of monetary institutions, it through a large amount of calculation of a specific algorithm, bitcoin economic use of distributed database constitute a large number of nodes of the P2P network to identify and record all the transactions. The centrality of the P2P and the algorithm itself can ensure that the currency is not manipulated by a large number of bitcoins.
We can put the bitcoin virtual currency and coins as the same, by comparing the Q coins and bitcoin, you can better understand what is bitcoin. However, bitcoin and q-coins have some differences, we now look at:
Q (1) published by the Tencent Inc, bitcoin is not the issuer
Q (2) the price is 1 yuan =1Q coin, pricing for Tencent Inc, the price of bitcoin is not fixed, determined by the market, such as the May 23, 2013 bitcoin bitcoin market price of 1 $=124.3, about 760 yuan.
(3) Q coins like money, can buy direct service, bitcoin is more like stocks, with investment value
(4) you can use the RMB to buy Q coins, but you in addition to use the RMB to buy bitcoin, bitcoins can also manufacture their (manufacturing process known as “mining”, after the detailed tutorials)
(5) Q coins related data are stored on the server of the Tencent, while bitcoin bitcoin holders of all data stored in the computer (P2P memory)
(6) Q coins can be an unlimited amount of issuance, but bitcoin bitcoin algorithm defines a maximum of only 21 million in the world
(7) do not appreciate Q coins can not be devalued, bitcoin may rise, may also fall
(8) Tencent Inc went bankrupt, Q coins will disappear, but bitcoin is no issuer of currency, even if the U.S. government bankruptcy, bitcoin will not disappear.
(9) Q coins you can not transfer, bitcoin can transfer all over the world, as long as you have the other side of the account (in the bitcoin account, also called address)
(10) Q money can only buy the services of a Tencent Inc, in addition to the bitcoin exchange into RMB, USD, in foreign bitcoin can buy pizza, socks, toys etc.
2, the origin of bitcoin

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